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A site specific, immersive opera, “The Medium” merges devised theatre with classical vocals, as audiences are led on a tour of Spadina Museum. Concluding on the rarely seen third floor, where the narrative unfolds amidst a bewitching séance, this adaptation of Menotti’s English-language opera re-imagines its source material to include interactive scenes that utilize the historic setting. Revolving around a charlatan psychic’s struggle with alcoholism and mental illness, “The Medium” is set in Toronto during the spiritualist intrigue of the Edwardian era. Monopolizing on the popularity of séances amongst affluent socialites of that time, the titular character, Madame Flora, manipulates her guests’ grief at a hefty fee. However, as the medium dabbles in the dark arts, she inadvertently opens a door that should have remained closed. Questioning her own sanity, Madame Flora comes to understand that despite her deception and disbelief, the dead respond when called upon.

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In the Bleak Mid Winter (February 2019)

Explore the wintry cityscape of Toronto through the eyes of a homeless beggar, searching for a place to keep warm. An audience immersive concert and reception, 'In the Bleak Midwinter' will take you on a snowy journey through the evolution of music--featuring a charming selection of songs and poetry from the early 1800s to today. Blending powerful vocals with original theatre, the program weaves through a young woman's hopeful daydreams as winter reaches its bitter peak, inviting performers and audiences alike to come in from the cold. In the bleak midwinter, let music bring you warmth.

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October 2017

Graphic Design by Langdon Krasilowez

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December 2016

Graphic Design by Jonathan Broderick

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